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More About Restoration Hope

Restoration Hope began in 2012 when three 501(c)(3) organizations saw the need to combine their services to enhance their individual response to disasters. While each organization retains their own autonomy, the common operational goal remains the same: Respond to, Recover from, and Prepare for disasters. Based in Dallas, Texas, Restoration Hope serves as a mobile relief team in the wake of disasters. Restoration Hope’s mission is to rebuild communities by bringing the necessary resources to areas affected by disaster. The Crosson family founded Restoration Hope in 2012 to support faith based relief initiatives. Restoration Hope provides a mobile command vehicle which allows the team to work in any environment without additional infrastructure, creating a self-sustained unit to serve the community.

The Restoration Hope team, and its vehicle, serves as a hub during mobile operations. Restoration Hope manages the nonprofit and disaster relief organizations that respond to the disaster. By coordinating with each organization,  we provide a succinct organized central location for disaster victims and volunteers to gather and begin to rebuild the community.  Our goal is to systematize other volunteer organizations, lessening the burden of the hosting corporation.

The Restoration Hope Team also aids the community even before disaster strikes by hosting preparedness events. We strive to educate the community by equipping them with skills to essentioal to surviving looming catastrophes.

One of the ways in which Restoration Hope successfully rebuilds communities is through the reestablishment of houses of worship. Houses of worship serve as a place of protection and provide help to multitudes of others during times of need. Our goal is to help rebuild these organizations so they may continue their work serving the community.

To date, Restroation Hope has traveled to Eagle Pass, TX to assist community members affected by flood; Moore, Oklahoma to host a Community Outreach Event alongside Dish Network; and the Woodlands, Texas to host a Community Preparedness Event in conjunction with Home Depot. We are currently planning multiple outreach community outreach events around the U.S. and continue to be on call for when the next disaster strikes.



HELP Disaster Management provides an Incident Management Team available for local, regional, state and national responses. The organization also focuses on preparedness programs to lessen the effect of disasters on communities, planning projects to aid clients with comprehensive disaster management, and disaster exercises to strengthen capabilities.

Local governments handle most emergencies, however, when a community’s resources are insufficient to respond to an incident, local government may call on non-governmental organizations for assistance.  HELP Disaster Management is establishing an Incident Management Team (IMT) that will meet the qualification and credentialing standards of the State of Texas and positioning the team for local, regional, state and national response. 

The team will operate under the principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which was the standard established for  incident management after the attacks of 9/11 and further strengthened after Hurricane Katrina.  HELP Disaster Management, by committing to meet State of Texas qualifications, will receive the necessary training and mentoring from a wide array of nationally qualified trainers and mentors working with the Texas Forest Service, the incident management agency for the State of Texas.



Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) is a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity comprised of volunteer technology professionals from many disciplines.  We harness the philanthropic resources of the technology community to help disaster stricken communities with technology continuity and recovery.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, ITDRC provides emergency communications and temporary voice and data resources for Command Centers, Search and Rescue Operations, Community Recovery Centers, and Volunteer and Donation Centers.  These resources help responders, relief agencies, and citizens stay connected with the outside world in the absence of a public communications infrastructure.

Our subject matter experts also help communities and non-profit organizations prepare for disaster by sharing best practices and lessons learned at dozens of free events annually.  These sessions are geared towards helping communities become more resilient and minimizing the financial impact after a catastrophic event.

ITDRC is recognized by federal, state, and local emergency management agencies as the leader in providing disaster technology solutions that benefit the whole community; with dozens of deployments to events such as: Hurricanes Sandy, Isaac, and Irene; Tornadoes in Missouri, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, and fires and flooding in Texas. 

Our work has been recognized in a number of publications, and by organizations including CompTIA, SMB Nation, Humanity Road, as well as the Department of Homeland Security at a White House Ceremony.





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